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Getting Paid The Right Super

Alright, so I know super seems forever away and you don’t really care about it all that much right now and what the heck even is Super anyway? But not paying your employees super is not only totally unfair, it’s totally illegal. That is your money, you’ve earned it and you’re going to need it one day, so it’s important to understand your rights.

Finding Out What Super You Should Be Receiving

Before you hop on that high horse about not being treated fairly, you better first check whether you’re actually even entitled to super to begin with, cause that would be super awkward. Most people over 18 earning more than $450 a month should be receiving regular super contributions, but you can check for sure on the ATO Website.

As a rule, super contributions should be at least 9.5% of your usual earnings (info current as of August 2017), so check to make sure you’re not only getting paid your super, but getting paid the right amount.

What To Do If Your Employer Isn’t Paying Your Super

If you think that your boss isn’t paying your super, or isn’t paying you enough, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the moolah you deserve.

    1. Always give your employer the benefit of the doubt. To be fair, they might not know that there’s something going wrong with your super, so politely point out the problem and they might be able to fix it up for you right away.
    2. Check with your super provider. If you’re still not seeing your super come in, check to see if there are any issues with your super fund provider. It could be that your fees are higher than your contributions, or there’s a problem with your account. If there are no issues on their end, then…
    3. Lodge a super enquiry with the ATO. So you’ve talked to your super provider, and you’ve talked to your boss, and come out empty handed? It’s time to lodge a super enquiry with the Australian Taxation Office. It’s illegal not to pay your employees super, so reporting your own problems is the best step to preventing your boss from doing the same thing to anyone else.

It’s suggested that you first work out how much super your boss should have contributed to your account, and show them this amount. Let them know you’re not happy and if they still do nothing, then go on ahead and lodge that enquiry, make it official. Once your enquiry is received, the ATO will investigate your case and may even get in contact with your employer. This can take some time, so be patient and remember that you are doing this for the good of workers everywhere!

If You’re Being Mistreated In The Workplace

So you might be getting the right super, but that doesn’t mean your employer is treating you the way they should. Whatever it is – bullying, being overworked, working in unsafe conditions or being fired unfairly – you can talk to the Fair Work Ombudsman about any of it. Visit this site to best decide what you need to do and who you need to talk to.

This information is intended to be general in nature and should not be relied upon for personal financial use.
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