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Relocation Scholarship

So you’re getting ready to finish school forever (stoked!) and, after some epic celebrations, you want to enrol in uni and get a feel for life on campus. The problem is, there aren’t any universities in your local area and your only option is to relocate somewhere new. This probably sounds exciting, unfamiliar and a little bit nerve-racking, and there’s a lot to organise and prepare for.

To make life easier though, you’re probably eligible for the Relocation Scholarship, which is something worth knowing about.

Am I Eligible?

According to Centrelink, your family home must be in an “Inner Regional”, “Outer Regional”, “Remote” or “Very Remote” area, and your chosen university must be in the city, to be eligible for the Relocation Scholarship. In the far less likely case that your family home is in the city and you need to move to a more remote area for study, you may also be eligible.

You’re also required to be receiving at least $1 of Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY Living Allowance and you must be studying full time in one of the approved scholarship courses. Plus, you’ve gotta be able to begin your course with 35 days of being accepted for the Relocation Scholarship.

What Do I Get?

If your family home is in a regional or remote area, the Relocation Scholarship amount is:

• $4,376 in the first year you need to live away from home to study in an approved course – most higher education and bridging courses are eligible, however VET courses such as a Cert III are not.
• $2,189 in the second or third year
• $1,094 in the fourth or subsequent year

If your family home is not in a regional or remote area but your place of study is, your payment is:

• $4,376 in the first year you need to live away from home to study in an approved scholarship course
• $1,094 for all subsequent years

Source: Department of Human Services

To Claim It

It’s easy peasy to claim the the Relocation Scholarship, as Centerlink will automatically access your eligibility along at the start of each year, along with your usual payments. They will only get in contact if they need more information, so you might not even have to lift a finger!
As far as government support for students goes, this Relocation Scholarship is one of the best and most generous ones, so if you need more info, check this.

This information is intended to be general in nature only, and might not apply to your personal circumstances. When in doubt, always seek professional guidance.
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